The 29% are the AMAPCEO members who took a principled stand against the 2012 Collective Agreement.

When the leadership of the union seemed to have nothing better to offer than fear, the "29ers" offered visible resistance and insisted that the union show respect for the right of AMAPCEO members to choose.

This blog was originally dedicated, as its previous sidebar said, to persuading members that "YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE. YOU CAN VOTE NO!"

It is now rededicated to the 29ers.

In the end, their "No" votes make it impossible for AMAPCEO to stand still. The union must now learn to listen and move forward.

This is a critical and polemical blog. But it is also a pro-union blog.

For all its faults and missteps, AMAPCEO is still my union. Whatever comment is offered here - fair or unfair, right or wrong (and honest debate is welcome) - its purpose is to build the union and solidarity.

"Labour cannot stand still. It must not retreat. It must go on, or go under."


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Vist Joe Wood's "TimelessFinance" for a great ongoing critique of the Tentative Collective Agreement

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My name is Ian Henderson. I have worked in the Ontario Public Service for more than 25 years, mostly at the Ministry of Education. For the past ten years I have been a Policy Analyst - and a member of AMAPCEO. 

This blog represents my personal opinions, but I hope these will be of interest and of use to AMAPCEO members at this time of, frankly, crisis in our union.ssssssssssessof intere of interetsnioionio 

I hold no elected position in AMAPCEO, and this blog is not sponsored, endorsed, or approved by AMAPCEO (needless to say!) or any other organization.

Comment policy

I welcome all thoughtful and respectful comment on what I write here - no matter what point of view you wish to express. Reasonable people can disagree on these important issues. Comments not in that spirit of respect and solidarity will not be allowed.

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